PSE-NL board members

Arend Arend Dubbelboer (commissioner activities) – Danone Nutricia
Arend holds a PhD degree from Eindhoven University of Technology. He worked in emulsification research at Unilever and currently as Process Technologist at Danone Nutricia Research.
Sander Sander Groenendijk (treasurer) – FLUOR
Sander holds a PhD degree from the University of Amsterdam, and currently he works as process engineer at Fluor, having over 20 years of industrial expertise in process engineering.
Tony Kiss Tony Kiss (founder, chair) – Delft University of Technology
Tony is a chartered Fellow of IChemE, with over 25 years of academic and industrial experience. He worked as Senior Project Manager and RD&I Specialist at AkzoNobel Chemicals, and then as professor at universities in The Netherlands and UK. He is active in key research areas: PSE, Process Intensification, and Separation Technology.
Anatolie Anatolie Motelica (secretary) – Albemarle
Anatolie holds a PDEng degree from Delft University of Technology. He worked as researcher in Sustainable Process Technology & Systems Technology at ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands), and currently he is Process Development Engineer at Albemarle Catalysts Company B.V.
Farzad Farzad Mousazadeh (commissioner industry) – Delft University of Technology
Farzad is a Sr Design Supervisor at TU Delft, and previously he worked for Yokogawa Europe B.V / KBC Process Technology as Solution Consultant in Advanced Solution & Innovation Department. His areas of interest are: process engineering, CFD, reaction engineering, chemical reactors, dynamic process simulation and optimization.
Ellen Ellen Slegers (commissioner) – Wageningen University & Research (WUR)
Ellen is an Assistant Professor at WUR. Her research aims at designing and optimising sustainable biobased processing chains, including the embedding within the supply chain. In her work she combines principles from process systems engineering, operations management, systems analysis, and sustainability analysis.
Louis Louis van der Ham (commissioner education) – University of Twente
Louis works as lecturer at the University of Twente in the group of Sustainable Process Technology. His research is in the field of process design, simulation, feasibility analysis and separations. His education responsibilities are in the field of process design and simulation.
Edwin Edwin Zondervan (founder, ex-secretary, organizer, communication) – University of Twente
Edwin teaches and researches the energy transition, hydrogen economy, biobased production, carbon capture and utilization and electrochemical storage of energy. He develops models, control and optimization strategies to design unit, plant and supply chain for maximum flexibility and trade-offs between conflicting objectives.

Former members of PSE-NL board
Leyla Ozkan (ex-chair, 2017-2023) – Eindhoven University of Technology
Ton van Boxtel (treasurer, 2016-2017) – Wageningen University and Research
Johan Grievink (education, 2016-2022) – Delft University of Technology

Advisory Board Members
Albert van der Padt (Friesland Campina)
Andreas ten Cate (ISPT)
Jan van Schijndel (Shell/VSSC)
Pieter Schmal (ExxonMobil)
Pieter Swinkels (TU Delft)
Robert van de Sande (Croonwolter&dros)

Industrial members
Ketjen (Albermarle), Corbion, Danone, Fluor, Royal Cosun, Unilever

Ketjen     Cosun     Danone     Fluor    

Corbion     Unilever    

Individual members
Engineers from NL and EU, academics, students, etc.